八百万屋(やおよろずや) 東京月桃三味線が営む総合発信商店。 東京月桃三味線が主催または出演するイベント会場に於いて、自ら、または顔の見える繋がりの中で生産された、自然環境との調和や循環に配慮した製品、伝統的な技術や知恵、食事等を幅広くご紹介致しております。 "Yaoyorozu Ya" is Overall Outgoing Store which Atsushi Sakata, a.k.a. "Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen" runs. We offer produced work, farm products, and meals etc. widely. Which is produced by ourself or in face-to-face relationship. And also we introduce product in consideration for harmony and the circulation with natural environments, and traditional technique or wisdom.